The order of the elements of the master’s thesis

The master’s thesis should have an ordered structure in which the individual elements will follow each other in the right order. The student should know where to put, for example, a list of drawings and graphics, or the theoretical part of the work.

Formal elements of work and their order

Most often, standard master’s theses take into account the following order of individual components:

  • Front page
  • Table of Contents
  • Admission
  • Theoretical chapter
  • Methodological chapter
  • Empirical chapter / s presenting results and conclusions from research
  • End
  • Bibliography
  • List of tables / symbols
  • summary
  • Annex

It happens that the table of contents is not placed at the very beginning of the thesis, but only at the end, as in many books and other literature, but it is not a good solution. Thanks to the inclusion of a table of contents at the beginning of a master’s degree, a person reading it – a supervisor or reviewer – has a chance to get acquainted with its structure and general subject before the next chapters.

The summary of the work may be placed at the beginning of the work, which makes it easier for the readers to become acquainted with it and determine if it is valuable to them in terms of content and subject matter, or not.


The list of elements of the Master’s thesis and their order should be adapted by the student to his individual needs, resulting from the chosen type and theme of the master’s thesis. You do not need to include all of the components that have been presented above, unless they are absolutely necessary. It is important that every work, not only a master’s thesis, but also other diploma theses, consist of three basic elements:

  • introduction
  • expansions
  • Completion

Regarding this subject, several articles are posted on this site. They are all in the “How to Write” section. It is worth to read them, because each of them brings something new to this topic. The bachelor’s theses are differently constructed, otherwise the Master’s thesis, and yet another construction may have engineering works.

Stay up to date with all changes and regularly visit the site writing the work. Deepening each knowledge means that we are more and more fluent in a given field. Writing works is also such a field, and writing a good diploma thesis should be your goal.

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