Schedule of the master’s thesis

Writing a thesis will be easier if the student at the very beginning of his path to obtain a master’s degree, will choose the right direction and schedule, which he will stick to. It helps in scheduling certain activities over time.

How to create a schedule?

Writing a master’s thesis schedule is just as important as choosing a topic or writing a table of contents. Without a plan of action embedded in the time, the student will do a lot of work unnecessarily, and eventually it may turn out that he will not keep the deadlines for giving up work before the defense.

The schedule is best prepared in a calm, unhurried way, in a traditional form – paper or electronic, on a computer. Deadlines indicated in the schedule must be realistic to achieve, otherwise they will depress the student. It is also worth taking into account a certain time margin for the implementation of part of the work, in case of certain problems and unforeseen events.

The schedule may consist of such parts as:

  • elaboration of the title of the master’s thesis,
  • developing a table of contents,
  • preparing literature for the theoretical part of the work,
  • preparation of the theoretical part of the work,
  • preparation of research tools,
  • testing,
  • preparation of research results and drawing conclusions from them,
  • development of the research part of the work,
  • working draft,
  • final version of the work.
  • The role of the schedule

A good timetable for writing a thesis will allow the student to organize the activities and control the time. He will not have to worry about whether he will manage everything before defending and giving his job to the supervisor and the reviewer. Many students resigning from the work schedule do not defend themselves at a pre-determined date.

The purpose of the schedule is also the motivation to act. The upcoming partial dates of the master’s thesis make the author work harder. Approaching to create a master’s degree in an ambition way, the student will try to write it as soon as possible, according to the schedule.

He will be able to impose a certain rigor of work, and finally have a written master’s thesis before the planned defense. It is not worth leaving writing a job at the last minute, because then there is a high probability of writing any dissertation, which will be poorly evaluated by the reviewer or will not be allowed to defend at all.

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