How to choose bibliographies?

The basis for writing a thesis is a bibliography. The student must demonstrate that he is able to use the available sources of literature, which should be consistent with the subject of the work and as current as possible. Valuable literature raises the substantive value of the master’s thesis.

Help from lecturers and promoters

The first step to choosing the right literature for the purposes of writing a thesis will be to ask the lecturers and the promoter for help. They can point out experts in the field that interests the student. They will help in gathering the most important sources, which an absolute master should be familiar with and use in the theoretical part of the work.

By browsing the latest publications from a given topic in the library, you can find out what sources they refer to and use them when writing your own work. It takes a bit more time than talking to lecturers or the promoter, but thanks to that, you can significantly enrich the list of literature in your work.

Types of sources

A graduate student in his work can rely on various types of sources, including:

  • encyclopedias and dictionaries – especially when explaining definitions and creating theories,
  • textbooks and studies,
  • current books – they give the most reliable view on a given issue,
  • Internet sources – articles, electronic publications.
  • When reviewing studies, other master’s theses or articles in magazines and the Internet, a graduate student may not necessarily refer to them in his dissertation. He can use the list of literature for these texts, which will help him build his own, valuable bibliography.
  • It is best to rely on the source publication, not to quote a given book or article for someone. It is so risky that the author of the text may not literally quote the author, which creates some problems in the future. While defending his master’s thesis, he may also ask why the master student did not reach the original source of the theory. How to choose bibliographies effectively.

Help for students

For those who write their master’s thesis, the online catalog of the national library can be a huge help

You can search for content in it by:

  • subject-specific slogans,
  • keywords,
  • authors
  • titles.
  • How to choose a bibliography – now you know it

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