Criteria for the assessment of the master’s thesis

The master thesis marks the end of the many months of writing and writing thesis. It is worth to prepare it properly, and it will be easier if we know the criteria for the evaluation of master’s theses.

Opinions about the job

After writing the whole thesis, it is evaluated by the promoter, reviewer and possibly the second reviewer. They use the diploma thesis sheets, which are not made available to students. A typical form includes the following points:

  • Is the content of the work relevant to the topic specified in the title?
  • Evaluation of the layout of the work, structure, division of content, order of chapters, completeness of presented theses.
    -Merumentic work evaluation.
  • Other comments.
    -Was and to what extent work is a new approach to the problem?
    -Characteristics of selection and use of literature sources and others.
  • Formal assessment of the work.
  • The way of using work.

Evaluation criteria

The assessment of the master’s thesis will be reduced if the student misses the subject chosen for the work or the course of the presented thesis will not be consistent with the title issues, which results in the lack of the preservation of the main idea of the work. If the student’s considerations are not on the subject, the Master’s thesis is automatically assessed as unsatisfactory.

The reviewer when issuing a job evaluation takes into account its classification, the order of presented theses and chapters and the construction of the table of contents. The work will be assessed low if the student continues to repeat the same content or incorrectly formulate theses and conclusions.

The substantive evaluation of the work verifies its substantive, methodological and logical correctness. The reviewer in the assessment sheet can also enter other comments. He should assess whether the topic and its presentation in the master’s thesis is accurate, and the problem in question is sufficiently significant.

An important element of the work being evaluated is literature. The reviewer assesses the correctness of the linguistic and stylistic work, the efficiency of quoting sources and creating footnotes as well as formal editorial issues.

Finally, the diploma thesis can be assessed as:

  • -very good,
  • good plus,
  • -good,
  • a perfect plus,
  • -sufficient,
  • -insufficient.

The truth is that each promoter applies its criteria. The promoter is also just a human being, so in his opinion he can include a subjective judgment of a given person, i.e. you.

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