A descriptive paper and a master’s thesis

By starting to develop the topic and plan of the master’s thesis, the graduate student should decide what type of thesis he will write. In general, he has two types of such works – descriptive and research.

Descriptive work

Descriptive master’s thesis
If the Master’s thesis is to be a descriptive work, it will be based on the available materials of other authors. It will not be a reproduction work, but the author’s task will be an original approach to the problem and presenting arguments in support of his thesis. The student can use professional literature, articles in the press or Internet sources.

Research work

Master’s thesis
The second type of master’s thesis is research and, as the name suggests, these are works created on the basis of own research carried out by the student. Research, eg questionnaire, are to prove the truthfulness of the theses or deny them. The research work requires the author’s involvement and empirical approach to the chosen topic.

What type of work to choose?

Considering all “for” and “cons” regarding the choice of a given type of thesis, a variety of factors should be taken into account. First of all, theoretical work is written longer than the theoretical one, with drawing the right conclusions. As for costs, they are comparable in both cases.

Theoretical work requires searching numerous literature sources and analyzing them in terms of the chosen topic of work. The research master thesis covers in principle only the choice of the appropriate method or research methods, conducting research and summarizing them.

The educational value of research work is usually assessed higher, because the student has the chance to test in practice the principles and laws known to him only in theory. So you can say that he becomes a scientist, not just a writer who skillfully combines different sources. It also involves obtaining a certain prestige at the university – in the eyes of fellow students and faculty staff.

There is no answer to the question whether to decide to write research or descriptive work as part of your Master’s degree. It all depends on the student’s predispositions and preferences. Is the master thesis difficult to work on? This question can only be answered by the person who had to write such a job.

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